Farrah Abraham Is on the Naughty List in New 'Sexy Santa' Photo

Farrah Abraham is carving out a personal residence on Santa's naughty list with her latest gig in Las Vegas.

The MTV star took to Instagram to share a new photo of the "Sexy Santa" costume she'll be wearing at the gentleman's club Crazy Horse III.

The 26-year-old started posing for "naughty holiday photo shoots" at the club on Dec. 14. She's also giving customers lap dances, but will not be stripping at the club.

The Teen Mom OG star has a history with Crazy Horse III. She hosted the controversial "Back Door Key Party" in August.

She has also continued her career in the adult industry, despite MTV's objections.

"MTV didn't want me partying in some of my favorite places anymore, like Crazy Horse III," Abraham said in a statement last month. "I can't think of a better way to celebrate my sexuality and freedom!"

Abraham once claimed she was fired by MTV over her off-camera career, but she later said on Nov. 1 that she wasn't fired.

Still, she isn't completely certain about what she plans to do after the new year. She also defended her career choice.

"Right now I know I am making the right choices and I am here to finish up the filming of the season and I feel I have done the best I can do in good faith and not lose my work ethic," Abraham told Us Weekly this week. "So it is truly a sad case and a shame they have chosen to fire me and [they only care about] story line and that is really sad for the show. In the meantime, I am not letting it affect my personal life, which it has been, so I am going to go to Crazy Horse because that is something I love to do and why not, it is a holiday party."

Even if she doesn't make a new season of Teen Mom OG, she does plan on staying on television. She is even open to scripted projects.


"I am just excited for 2018, it is going to be a very big year," she told Us Weekly. "I have just learned so much from being a young teen mom and getting out of those struggles and all of those hard times."

Photo credit: Instagram / @Farrah Abraham