'DWTS': Britt Stewart Wants to Showcase Her and Johnny Weir's Finale Routines (Exclusive)

Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars ended in spectacular fashion, as Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Britstowe walked away with the Mirrorball Trophy. She beat out a number of celebrity competitors along the way, including figure skater Johnny Weir, who was partnered with Britt Stewart, a first-time pro this season. Many individuals were disappointed to see that Weir and Stewart (a.k.a. Team Brijo) didn't make it to the finale, as they were eliminated during the semi-finals. Luckily for those fans, Stewart told PopCulture.com exclusively that they do have plans to showcase what would have been the pair's finale routines.

"We were bummed to not be in the finale. Him being an Olympian and I'm also a competitor, us both being competitors, we really wanted to go all the way. And, to be honest, I might be biased, but I think Johnny deserved to be in the finals," Stewart told PopCulture.com exclusively following DWTS' Nov. 23 finale. When asked whether they had ideas for what their finale routines might have looked like, the professional dancer went on to share that fans may just end up seeing the pair's concepts after all. She added, "If everything goes according to plan I think that we are still going to do a little side project and, hopefully, if we can, still do our freestyle and our concept and the song that he wanted to dance to just to finish off our journey together." As for what those routines will look like, Stewart noted that their options are "limitless" now that they can showcase the end of their DWTS journey on their own terms.

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"We're going back to the drawing board, and we're gonna really develop what it was," Stewart said about their freestyle routine. "The main concept that I wanted to have come through for Johnny for his freestyle was I thought this journey and this whole process for him was really amazing because people usually see Johnny as the sparkling blazers and the over-the-top personality and the big hair and they don' really get to see his vulnerable side and all the things that have led him up to where he is today." While Stewart and Weir are still trying to figure out all of the details about their upcoming project, rest assured that you won't see the end of Team Brijo just yet.

"It's so funny, when it first started out, we were just gonna have it be a project that was for us and, of course, we would release it so that the fans could see it," Stewart continued. "But, after we got eliminated, we had some messages and some people really say, 'We don't want to see your partnership end, can you do a podcast, can you do a YouTube channel, can you do something together so we can still have Team Brijo in our lives?' So, we're currently thinking about what that might look like for us. We're not sure yet." For more on Stewart, Weir, and where the DWTS pair's partnership may take them next, stay tuned to PopCulture.com.