'Duck Dynasty': Sadie Robertson and Her Husband Reveal Huge Life Update

Big things are on the horizon for Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff. A little more than a year after the couple started their family with the birth of daughter Honey James, the Robertson-Huff household is getting ready to set down roots, with the reality TV star recently revealing that she and her husband are working towards home ownership, with their house currently under construction.

Robertson revealed the exciting life update in a Monday Instagram post, the Duck Dynasty star reflecting on how when she and her husband moved into their first rental home together, "on our first meal, we had a conversation about what we wanted our home to be. Not the way we wanted it to look, but what our home would mean to us and others." During that conversation, Robertson said, 'we said, "this house will set the tone.' whoever we are 'out there' will first be created here. Who we are publicly will flow from who we are privately." Robertson and Huff are now one step closer to fulfilling those dreams, as "at 2:00 am the other night our foundation for our first home was laid."

For Robertson and Huff, though, the building of their house represents another important aspect of their life: their faith. In the post, Robertson likened the laying of the foundation to the foundation of her faith, something she said she and her husband intend to build and strengthen as they look ahead to this new chapter in their lives. She wrote that as the foundation of their home was laid during those early morning hours, "at 2 am that night Christian and I were on our knees praying for the solid foundation our home would stand on! As we intentionally build physically it is so important that we build spiritually as well, on a solid foundation!"

"Our house will be a house that fears the Lord, raises disciples, hosts well, loves deeply, worships naturally, dances frequently, welcomes with grace, laughs often, and picks each other up when we fall!," she wrote, later adding, "Families can fall apart in the strongest of physical home, so we are laying our foundation on something STRONGER than concrete... the word of God! Underneath this concrete is a bible with Psalm 1 up!"


While it is unclear when exactly Roberts, Huff, and little Honey will be able to make the move into their new home, one thing is guaranteed, the family will take fans along on the journey. Robertson concluded her Monday post by writing, "can't wait to make a million memories in our home and see our family grow (in the future)."