'Double Shot at Love': Pauly D 'More Selective' Dating After Becoming a Dad

Becoming a dad completely changed how Jersey Shore star Pauly D looks at his dating life — and his time on Double Shot at Love.

On Thursday's all-new episode of the MTV dating show featuring best buds Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio and Vinny Guadagnino, the father of 5-year-old Amabella took a serious look at how the women in the mansion would fit into his personal life when cameras weren't on.

"My daughter's 5 — Amabella, she's my life," the DJ admitted. "I do everything for her. That's why I'm more selective now, because I have a daughter and nobody's really going to meet my daughter except for someone I'm really serious about."

"Being a dad to me is my life," he continued. "It's very important that she has somebody to look up to."

Wanting to test the waters on the women's stepmother skills while keeping his daughter out of the drama, both Double Shot bachelors hired a child actor to play Amabella, seeing how the women would react to a little girl they thought could possibly be under their care one day.

"When the women find out that this is not Pauly's daughter, I don't know if they're going to laugh, cry, or beat the hell out of us," Vinny chimed in. "I kind of feel a little messed up about it, but hey, that's what happens when you're the prank war champions you can't have feelings."

It might have been a silly premise, but Pauly explained that what he was looking for in the experiment was real potential in his life.

"What I'm going to be looking out for is that motherly instinct, and if they panic," he added. "If they panic, it means they're scared of it, and I don't want somebody scared of it, because that's a deal breaker for me. As silly as it is, it's actually serious, because it's going to see if the girls can hang in my life."

While the women passed imposter Amabella test with flying colors, it didn't make it any easier when Pauly and Vinny had to send home women they didn't see a romantic future for, including fan favorite Holly.


Double Shot at Love With DJ Pauly D & Vinny airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: James Devaney/GC Images