'Dog's Most Wanted': Tiger Woods' 'Mistress' Blames Golfer for Drug Addiction After Tense Las Vegas Hunt

Dog's Most Wanted targeted a famous face in the latest episode! Wednesday's new hour of the reality television series followed Duane "Dog" Chapman and the team's trip to Las Vegas looking for Tiger Woods' former mistress, Jamie Jungers. The episode also followed as Beth Chapman struggled with her cancer as she was tasked with finding a new location for the crew's Hawaii offices after a sale forces them to relocate. After finding her, Jamie blamed her affair with the golfer for her drug abuse.

Spoilers ahead for Dog's Most Wanted Episode 6: "Saving Jamie"

The episode finds Dog taking a call from Kansas bail bondsman Ed Runyon, who tells him he has a high-profile target for him.

"Her name is Jamie Jungers. She was a Tiger Woods mistress," Ed says as the show played footage of Jungers in her first on-camera interview to talk about her 18-month affair with the professional golfer.

"We've been looking for her. We can't find her, so we need your help," Ed adds. He then tells him that she is somewhere in Vegas but is off the radar, and Dog is the only one who can track her down.

"These are the cases I want... drugs are prevalent in that little girl's life. So my most wanted right now is keeping her alive," Dog says. He has to get permission from Beth to leave for Vegas despite the rushed move of the Hawaii office. Duane says in a side camera, however, that he and David will be going to Vegas no matter what.

In Vegas, Dog locates Jamie's cell phone in an apartment complex. He gets help from local enforcement, but, when they search the residence, they don't find her.

"You've crossed state lines which makes it a federal crime. You got to call the number right away or there'll be no mercy," Dog says in a message left on Jamie's phone.

Back at the hotel, Beth calls and says an informer could give them her current location. He says Jamie is at a friend's house and they are expecting more people there, Dog says he should keep them informed either way in case she leaves.

The crew arrives at Jamie's friend's house and they see her dog. The friend claims she left the dog with him, but she is due to bring her dog back after doing some drugs. The crew waits in the house and try to get on the woman's phone. In a search in the house, they find weapons under one of the beds and drugs all over the living room.

After the interrogations of the residents lead to nothing, Dog decides to take the woman's beloved dog with them as a means to get her to talk to them. The next day, they return to the house and see if she has made an appearance. They notice an angry message written in the mailbox, seemingly written by the former mistress.

They get intel on a new location and the crew finds Jamie inside a home.They find her in a house seemingly shared by local prostitutes. After not finding her in the house, they decide to start talking to different drug dealers who might know where she is hiding.

"This is the most up and down bounty I've ever been in in my life," Dog says in frustration on Day 4 of the hunt. They get another tip but it, once again, leads to a dead end.

On Day 5, another informant tells them Jamie is sleeping in his house at the moment. Dog recognizes her birth marks and feels hopeful this might actually be the break they need to crack the case. They are confronted by two men outside the home and one of them threatens them with a gun, telling them they are not going inside.

They wait outside for the men to bring "Jamie" outside and confront her as she steps out. She identifies herself as Jamie and asks if her dog is safe. She tells Dog she wanted to meet him, but not under these circumstances.

Dog tells her her dog had heroin and speed in her system from being around her when she did drugs. The crew then goes through her purse and take all her drugs.

She thanks them for keeping Apple safe and they head to the jail. But then they notice the masked man from the house is following them. They pull over and Dog tells a police officer to ask what is going on. The officer arrests the man.

Dog tells Jamie they saved her life and that she has to stop doing drugs. She says in a side interview that the Woods scandal led her to drug abuse.

"I never in a million years would have thought I'd ever be a junkie ever. I wish him the best, but initially all of this is because of him. I'm going to blame him for my drug use and where I am at right now because of what I went through with dating him," she said.

"It never benefits me when it's brought up. It's always been a negative," she added. "I'm always the home-wrecking whore. I was 21 years old."


She then gets arrested and Dog promises she will get her dog back if she stays clean before the crew ends back to Hawaii. The show then flashes to three months later and Dog talks to a clean and sober Jamie, who thanks him for saving her life.

Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.