Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter Joins Social Justice Show 'The System'

Bonnie Chapman is making a name for herself on TV as the newest cast member of The System. The daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman joins the Unleashed Entertainment series focused on social justice as it enters its second season, the network announced Tuesday.

News of Chapman's addition to the cast comes after Unleashed Entertainment canceled her father's show, Dog Unleashed, before its premiere due to allegations of misconduct on the part of Dog, which included accusations that he made racist and homophobic comments about cast members of The System.

"I'm honored to be a part of such an amazing cast. Everyone around me is wonderful and filled with such determination," said Chapman about joining The System's cast in a statement Tuesday. "For the longest time, I was living in a shadow of someone else. For the first time, I'm making a name for myself."

"Bonnie approached Unleashed about joining The System cast in order to expand her reach to help disadvantaged people on the front lines of America's struggle against white supremacist ideologies," added Mike Donovan, President of Unleashed Entertainment in a statement. "Bonnie has lived an incredible life and her commitment to stand up for disenfranchised people and against the American police state speaks volumes to her character and integrity. She will be an incredible member of The System's team."

The System's aim is "exposing the significant pitfalls" of the American criminal justice system, and has previously investigated the Virginia case of Myi'Son Ellis, who was sentenced to 50 years after being convicted of murder in what the show claims is a wrongful conviction. Protesting Ellis' conviction and incarceration, Chapman added, "It's tragic to see the judicial system fail. To see it convict an innocent man. I'm glad we were able to give Myi'Son some hope and support. We'll continue to do so, until he's free." The System is currently in the second season of production and can be found on the new crime and justice streaming service, TVUnleashed.


Dog Unleashed was canceled in late March ahead of its premiere after Donovan said at the time an internal investigation by the entertainment company "confirmed racist and homophobic comments" as well as "illegal activity during filming." The program's end contains echoes of what led to a temporary cancellation of Dog the Bounty Hunter in 2007, when a recording of a conversation between Chapman and his son Tucker including the use of racist slurs and rhetoric leaked to the media.