'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Son Wesley Chapman Says Having Dad Duane Chapman Back in His Life Has 'Been a Dream' After Tough Childhood

Dog the Bounty Hunter's son Wesley Chapman recently shared a new Instagram post in which he says that having his dad Duane Chapman back in his life has "been a dream," after he endured a tough childhood. In the photo, Wesley and Duane are shown hanging out with actor Dax Shepard. In the caption, Wesley poured his heart about how he was feeling, writing, "Dad. Father. Daddy. Papa. Words I never understood and I am still just barely starting to understand. In 1980 I was born By 1987 I didn't have a mother or father in my life."

Wesley went on to recount what his childhood was like, revealing, "My young life was riddled with abuse. Abuse that would make any documentary depicting my life story laced with TV-MA warnings. I was told over and over again I was worthless and boy did I live the first quarter of my life believing that."

"This photo speaks a billion words. First of all...there's my dad. A man I never knew for 38 years. Yet there he stands by my side with God giving us a second chance to reconnect," he continued. "It's new. It's overwhelming. It's an uncharted area, but it's beautiful. So many times over the past 3 months I've found my self overcome with gratitude and emotions I've never experienced.

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"Having my dad in my life has been a dream and many years ago I decided that if it happened I would have zero expectations," he added. "Man it's been a journey to get here, to be in a place to have the moment that was captured in this photo; a father and his son building a legacy. A legacy that will be passed down for generations to come."

Wesley then went on to explain his connection to Shepard, saying, "This brings me to [Dax Shepard] the other man in this photo. A very accomplished man who has lived a life filled with lessons and love. Years ago I read an article about his life and his relationship with [kristen anniebell]. It was one of those moments in my life that was a 'marker.' Here he was a man that made choices and lived a life filled with dysfunction, yet he was loved. She loved him and you could see it over and over again."

"They shared that love with the world," he added. "And they did it unapologetically. They shared their ups and their downs. Now [dax shepard] shares his love and his soul of one of the worlds most powerful and popular podcasts reaching millions.

"It wasn't long after reading that article that I met [jodie j chapman]. Now it was my turn to be loved. Loved despite my dysfunction and my past. Loved by someone I say daily 'I never thought I would ever get," Wesley also said, referring to his wife. "I never believed I deserved a Jodie.' "


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