Dog the Bounty Hunter's Rumored Girlfriend Moon Angell Shares Photo of Christmas Celebration, But Most of the Chapmans Are Missing

Dog the Bouty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman's rumored girlfriend, Moon Angell, shared a photo of their Christmas celebration over the holidays, but most of the Chapmans are noticeably missing from the photo. The photo was shared to Angell's Instagram page on Dec. 26, and features Dog and his daughter Bonnie Chapman, but none of the other Chapman kids are present.

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In the post's caption, Angell used hashtags to address those critical of her alleged relationship with Dog, writing, "jealous people can be soooooo WRONG & CRUEL about you but you know what ... FUKK'M!!!! #iloveyouanyways #betterthanyou #livelovelaugh #whogivesafuck #haters #gonna #hate #sowhat #shshsh #whocares #lienratsneverchange #famewhore #youmakenusfamousstoop #truecharactershows #goodnewsbadnewsstillnews #BOOM #duanechapman #justinbihag #bonniechapman #bridget #kevin #whatmattersmost #ohana #truth #peoplemagazine wait whaaaaat @duanedogchapman in a flannel #flannelhead #friendsforever."

Angell's post is notable, as she has been engaged in a heated feud with Dog's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who may be the target of her comments regarding "haters."

In a recent tweet, Chapman wrote, "My dad is a GROWN A— MAN. His money. His dynasty. But you can guarantee that my name is not going down in history as a person who supported this." Many have interpreted this comment to be aimed toward Angell, who Chapman seems to believe may be trying to have a romantic relationship with her father after having previously worked as her late wife Beth's assistant.

Lyssa is not the only person who is skeptical of Angell, however, as many of Dog's fans have expressed their concerns and criticisms as well.

"So his kids are jealous of you.? LOL oh please your cant even measure one inch of who Beth was," one Instagram user commented.

"She is and got some damn nerve, she's trying to b a Chapman why else would u date one of dogs son's and then go to his father. She wants that money and I sure hope to God that Dog isn't blinded and sees her for wtf she is. TRASH," a Twitter user added.


Dog has since come out to state that he and Angell are not dating.