'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Moves Official Store to Virginia

Dog the Bounty Hunter's official store has made a big move away from the wildfires affecting its previous home in California. Duane "Dog" Chapman's merchandise business announced the move Tuesday, with the reality star re-posting the news on his own Instagram. "My official store has moved," he confirmed, sharing a graphic showing a path to the shop's new home in Virginia.

"Aloha, Dog Pound!" the post begins. "You've probably noticed our silence. Rest assured it’s not you, it was us! We’ve relocated to a new location. While we love California so so much, we moved to a safer location far, far away from natural disasters! Mahalo!"

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News that the store was moving didn't come as a surprise to many of its followers, as the official Instagram account shared a moving selfie on Sept. 1. "Packing up and moving a whole store in just 2 days is impossible you say? Not for our tough crew of 2!" they captioned the post. "These ladies have everything under control and are ready for an adventure!"

This is another big business move for Chapman, who announced earlier this month he will be launching a new show, Dog Unleashed, on a new streaming service, Unleashed! "Unleashed! will provide viewers with a wide range of content from true crime, investigation, unscripted and documentaries, as well as live court programming, social commentary and the ability to network friends and online contacts into content," the bounty hunter wrote on social media of the Jan. 1 premiere.


Chapman then explained that the full streaming package costs $9.99 per month, which "gets you all shows and programming." There is another package that comes with a "Zoom call which is charged by the year. You do not need this package to subscribe to the network." He clarified, "For $9.99 a month, you get the app, streaming of every one of Dog's new episodes, plus lots of other programming, updates, etc. Streaming the show lets fans all over the world see it."

Chapman added, "Anyone with internet can watch, just like Netflix. You sign up for a network of [shows], not just one show. Cable is expensive and restrictive. This is Dog coming right at you. Streaming is here and is the future. You can subscribe now which includes 3 free months at www.dogunleashed.com."