'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Garry Chapman Retweets 'Reasons to Stay' Amid Four-Wheeler Accident, Beth Chapman's Death Anniversary

Garry Chapman, the 19-year-old son of Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman, retweeted a handful of messages he agreed with over the past few days, following an accident with a four-wheeler vehicle late last month. Chapman reportedly suffered a head injury and a "slight" concussion in the accident, his soon-to-be mother-in-law Francie Frane told The Sun on July 3. The accident happened around the time the Chapman family marked one-year since Beth Chapman's death.

Chapman took a long break from Twitter in June, not sharing anything between June 9 and June 24, when he retweeted a video he agreed with. He took another break until the Fourth of July. "89,119 days since this great country was born. We are going [through] some hard times, but America will prevail," he wrote. He also retweeted a Twitter user's July 7 thread called "Reasons to stay - a thread that won't feel like guilt-tripping." In the viral thread, the person listed experiences someone would not want to miss.

He also tweeted YouTuber Ninja's Thursday message. "There is always something positive to take out of situations, no matter what. Whether that be learning something new about yourself and using that in the future to your advantage, or growing as a person and becoming stronger," the Internet star wrote. "Find a partner who can help you think like that."

Chapman did not publicly comment on his accident. However, Frane and Duane spoke with The Sun on July 3, confirming he "wrecked" a four-wheeler vehicle last month. Frane's son Greg and Greg's wife drove Chapman to the hospital emergency room and also took him home. "He has a slight fracture in his tailbone, and a slight concussion," France said, adding that Gregg was helping to take care of Chapman. "The kids are building a relationship, and we’re building a relationship," Frane told The Sun.

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All of this happened while the Chapmans marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Duane's wife Beth. Duane held a small private memorial at the South Platte River with Frane and daughter Bonnie Chapman in attendance. Chapman shared his own tribute on Instagram on June 26, including a black and white photo of his mother.

"So many things have happened that I want to tell you about, and obviously so many things I need advice on," Chapman wrote to Beth. "You always knew the path I was on and where it lead which helped you give me invaluable advice. To think I’ve not been able to lean on you for a year now makes me uneasy; but if your lessons taught me anything I can’t stop, I must keep going, until my dreams are a reality." Beth died on June 26, 2019, after a battle with throat and lung cancers. She was 51.