'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Brings Back Classic 'Caught Tees' for Cyber Monday

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman has brought back a fan-favorite t-shirt for Cyber Monday. The biggest shopping day of the year is giving fans an opportunity to get "caught" by the infamous TV bounty hunter all over again. The shirts are available on Chapman's website.

It has been a big year for Chapman, and for the dedicated fans of his various TV exploits. The fandom has rallied like never before following the passing of Chapman's wife, Beth. Now, they have a chance to wear their fandom with pride.

The shirts bear a simplistic gray handcuff design on a black background. The cuffs are printed over the chest like a logo, with the word "CAUGHT!" in bold white letters underneath. The Instagram post says that the shirt will be available on t-shirts and hoodies, though at the time of this writing the hoodie is not listed on the site.

The design does show up in both men's and women's t-shirts, however. They go for $27.95 plus shipping, and range in size from small to extra-large.

On Instagram, fans were pleased to see the old design back, especially as they hunt for gifts for loved ones. Many commenters said that they would pick one of these shirts up for a friend or family member who shares their love for Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted.

"Nice, thanks Dog," one fan wrote with a blue heart emoji.

"Love it," added another with a red heart emoji.

The store has plenty of other designs for fans to showcase their love of the Chapman family's work, including many of their most memorable catchphrases. Some of these are especially emotional this year following Beth Chapman's passing.

One shirt reads "This One's For Beth" in script, with a floral design over it. Another says "She's My Everything" in the same font, with a minimalist heart behind it. A few designs even bear a cartoonish rendering of "Beth the Bounty Hunter," including one that says "Girls Rule And Dogs Drool."

One shirt even has a picture of a high-heeled black boot on the chest, with flowers behind it. In small lettering over the shoe it says: "If I'm Gonna Die, I'm Gonna Die In My Boots."

Beth Chapman had a long and well-publicized battle with cancer over the last few years, including one A&E TV documentary titled Dog and Beth: The Fight of Their Lives. After successfully beating throat cancer once, Chapman was back in the hospital earlier this year.


She passed away in June surrounded by family members. However, she lives on in Dog's Most Wanted, which she had filmed before she became too sick.

Dog's Most Wanted Season 1 is streaming now on the WGN America website. So far, there is no word on whether the show is canceled or renewed for another season.