'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Bonnie Chapman Gives Fans a New Way to Honor Late Mother Beth

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans are always looking for new ways to honor the late Beth Chapman. Thanks to a Honolulu clothing brand, fans can now get classy T-shirts and hats that read "For Beth." Bonnie Chapman, the 20-year-old daughter of Chapman and Duane "Dog" Chapman reminded fans about the new products in an Instagram Story post Sunday.

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Bonnie shared a screenshot of OneLoveOneTribe Apparel's "For Beth" baseball caps.

"Now available. Go get your gear," Bonnie wrote, adding "#ForBeth."

Bonnie also shared a photo of the new "For Beth" t-shirt, modeled by Chapman's daughter Cecily B. Chapman.

"YOU ASKED FOR IT, YOU GOT IT!!!. We have officially gone LIVE with the 'For Beth' Signature Caps & T Shirts," Cecily wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of the shirts and hats. "GO TO @oneloveonetribeapparel AND ONELOVEONETRIBE.COM. GET YOURS TODAY AND STAY TUNED FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS OF OTHER ITEMS AND OUR MEET AND GREET TOUR!!"

Based on the comments left on Cecily's post, the apparel is being met with open arms by Chapman's fans.
"She will be glad you guys did this for her," one fan wrote.

"[They're] so great and beautiful!!! Momma Beth is proud," another added.

"Your mom never knew how much we all adored her [heart] this line is so cool," another fan chimed in.

The shirt is available in black and white for $35. The caps are also $35 each and are available in white, black and camouflage.

"These items are part of the collaboration between Beth Chapman and Bobbie Fisher that was started years ago and is being carried on by her daughter Cecily to perpetuate Beth's legacy," the product description reads.

OneLoveOneTribe Apparel was founded by Bobbie Fisher, an entrepreneur and philanthropist. "An advocate of Human Rights and Fair Trade, Bobbie has now turned her talents and passion into Fashion with a Cause," her site notes.

Chapman died in June at age 51, following a battle with throat and lung cancers. Following her death, the market was flooded with tribute items featuring Chapman's image, forcing Bonnie and Duane to tell fans to avoid unauthorized products.

"Any T-shirts with Beth's likeness not from thebountystore.com is not authorized. Please do not buy these t-shirts, please report these ads and tag Bonnie if you see them," Duane tweeted a few adays after his wife's death.

"Please tag me in any of these ads and merchandise. We did not authorize any of this, Mom would be pissed," Bonnie wrote.

Before Chapman's death, she completed work on the first season of Dog's Most Wanted, Duane's new show for WGN America. There are only four episodes left, and Chapman will appear in all of them.


Dog's Most Wanted airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.

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