Dina Lohan Was 'Suspicious' About Online Boyfriend Who Broke up With Her, and So Were Fans

Dina Lohan was reportedly "suspicious" about her online boyfriend, Jesse Nadler, and so were her fans.

The controversy surrounding the relationship between Lindsay Lohan's mother and Nadler erupted in February, when Lohan mentioned having an online boyfriend on Celebrity Big Brother. Her co-stars Tamar Braxton and Kandu Burruss suggested she was being catfished and Catfish host Nev Schulman even offered to find out if Braxton and Burruss were right.

In March, it was reported that the two were finally planning on meeting during Lohan's next trip to Los Angeles after communicating with Nadler for five years.

However, before the meeting was to take place, Lohan broke up with Nadler. TMZ reported the two got into a fight over a book on his Facebook page, with Lohan believing the post was about another woman. Nadler told the site that Lohan apologized, but he called off the relationship.

A source told PEOPLE there "was no meeting scheduled," since Lohan was "already suspicious that he was media hungry and she is in talks about doing several new shows, including a dating show."

"This guy wants his 15 minutes of fame," the source added. "He just proved her suspicions correct."

Fans later took to Twitter, where they also expressed some suspicions about Nadler. Some also made fun of Lohan for having an "online boyfriend" for five years without meeting him in person.

"5 years without face time or meeting..[laughing out loud]. there is no such thing as an 'online boyfriend,'" one person wrote.

"Look, people. If you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't video chat and hasn't been willing to meet then it's a [Catfish]," another wrote. "[Nev Schulman and Max Joseph] have been tracking these people down for years. They have been teaching us. Learn!!!"

"Really? Nobody saw this #catfish coming? #crazypeople" another added.

While Lohan's online boyfriend was her big headline-making revelation during Celebrity Big Brother, she also faced complaints from her ex-husaband, Michael Lohan. He was reportedly planning to go to court for a portion of her $100,000 participation paycheck because he was not happy with the comments she made on the show.


"From the time Dina told me she was going on Celebrity Big Brother, I was rooting for her, but when she brought me into the show to make herself look like a victim, I draw the line," Michael Lohan told The Blast in February.

The second season of Celebrity Big Brother ended with Braxton as the winner. Lohan made it to the finale before she was one of four final evicted houseguests.