DeMario Jackson Says Corinne Olympios is 'Wifey' After Their 'Bachelor in Paradise' Scandal

After being spotted looking cozy at Maxim Magazine's 2017 Halloween Party this weekend, DeMario Jackson called fellow Bachelor in Paradise cast member Corinne Olympios "wifey" in a recent interview.

Jackson appeared on The Rose Buds podcast Tuesday, where he opened up about his true feelings for the Bachelor franchise's host Chris Harrison and delved into his complicated relationship with 24-year-old Olympios.

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What started as a drunken hook-up between the two on the set of this season's Bachelor in Paradise spiralled into frenzy that shut down production temporarily after a producer filed a complaint alleging sexual misconduct between the two.

After an independent investigation, neither Jackson nor Olympios were found culpable for any misconduct, and the former Bachelor contestant said she had accidentally blacked out that night after unknowingly mixing alcohol and medication.

The duo did not return to the show for the rest of the season, but did do special interviews with Harrison about the incident throughout.

Jackson said despite his and Olympios' flirty nicknames and appearances together, the two are just friends.

"You know what, I was so naive to all of this, like," he said. "I legit, was like, 'This is gonna die down the next day.' And then it's like, 'OK, the next day.' And then it was a month later. And then two months later And now we're like, in October and I'm just thinking like, 'What the hell?' Can her and I, can we just have fun?"

Jackson also expressed his disapproval for the next Bachelor, revealed to be 36-year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr., who was the runner-up in season 8 of The Bachelorette in 2012. Instead, he says he wished the show had chosen the runner-up from last season, personal trainer Peter Kraus.

"It's like when you go to the store and they have like the regular brand and they have like the value brand," Jackson said on the podcast. "My next shirts are going to be straight up, 'Peter is my Bachelor,' like straight up. We all know. the whole world."


"Come on, I mean, you can't have this...old guy with all these 23-year-olds who just want fame and Instagram followers," he continued. "Like, that's common sense. ... I don't think a 23-year-old really wants to get married, but hey, wish them the best of luck, You never know."