'Dancing With the Stars': Will Kaitlyn Bristowe Drop Out?

Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe was almost ineligible to compete on Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday due to an ankle injury. While Bristowe forged ahead with her dance, she did note that a doctor had given her cortisone shots so that she could make it through the routine. So, will Bristowe be able to remain in the competition given her injury?

The reality star recently gave an update on her injury via Instagram. On Thursday, she let her fans know that she was feeling "anxious" as she was about to get an MRI done on her ankle. "Getting the MRI right now. Yesterday was kind of a write off for me because I was just in pain and kept my foot elevated and just did nothing all day yesterday," Bristowe told fans on her Instagram Story. "I don't want to seem like a baby because I know so many people go through injuries on this show, and battle through, and that's what I want to do. But I just want to keep everyone posted." She posted another photo of herself in a hospital gown, which she captioned with, "Please don't get claustrophobic."

After getting the MRI done, Bristowe went back home and utilized red light therapy on her ankle. Since she took the day off to get her injury checked out, she now only has three days to learn the choreography for her latest dance before Monday's show. As of right now, it's still unclear whether she will be able to compete. However, the former Bachelorette star did ask her fans to wish her luck as she navigates this situation. Bristowe originally suffered from this injury before Tuesday's episode. "It was a little sore at first. We had a couple of rehearsals and I had to take off my heel and I stepped on my bare foot and I was like, 'Oh no.' I could not put weight on it," Bristowe explained to Entertainment Tonight. "I just broke into tears and I went straight to physical therapy." As previously mentioned, a doctor gave her cortisone shots so that she could dance on Tuesday. She was able to perform her foxtrot with Artem Chigvintsev, which garnered them a 22 out of 30, the highest score of the night.


If Bristowe is forced to drop out of the competition because of her injury, she would not be the first to do so. In the previous season of DWTS, former football player Ray Lewis was forced to drop out of the competition because of a foot injury that he sustained while practicing with his partner Cheryl Burke. As he was leaving the show, the NFL alum explained that he tore three tendons in his foot, which aggravated an injury that he previously sustained while playing football in 2010.