'Dancing With the Stars': Wendy Williams Slams Christie Brinkley Over 'Fake as Hell' Injury

Wendy Williams didn't hold back when it came time to discuss the new season of Dancing With The Stars. She brought up the latest drama surrounding the show and it's now-former celebrity contestant, Christie Brinkley. In a surprise on Monday, Brinkley shared on Instagram that she suffered a devastating injury during a dance practice that will force her to withdraw from the competition.

To that, Williams isn't buying the news. She aired out her thoughts on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday.

"She fractured her shoulder and her wrist practicing over the weekend. Well, that looked fake as hell," Williams explained. "Let me tell you what I see. What I see is a 65-year-old hot stuff who looks like if you were going to fracture anything, you should have said the tailbone. I don't see a wrist and a shoulder being fractured, but that was real cute."

Williams, who competed on the dancing competition's 12th season, didn't stop there. She accused the plot's whole purpose was to get Brinkley's daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, onto the show.

This is ultimately what happened as ABC announced on Monday that Sailor would, indeed, be replacing her mother.

"Here's my thought, OK. Dancing With the Stars called Christie Brinkley and said, 'Do you want to do Dancing With the Stars?' And she said, 'Yes.' After she got off the phone, that's where she plotted her scheduled [injury]. She signed up knowing that she put her daughter in there. You know her daughter is beautiful."

The talk show host speculated that Sailor would benefit greatly from the airtime. Being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, Sailor already is in the spotlight but Williams believes she needs even more screen time.

"In order for girls to get this leg up, it takes more than beauty," Williams said. "You have to have cash. There's a lot of eyeballs watching, and Christie really doesn't need that."


The ABC reality show has failed to avoid drama since announcing the new cast. The inclusion of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has drawn quite a response from fans of the show and even its host, Tom Bergeron, who would have preferred politics stay out of the contest.

Dancing with the Stars will make its season debut on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Among the celebrities will be former The Bachelorette Star, Hannah Brown, Lamar Odom, Ray Lewis and country star, Lauren Alaina.