'Dancing With the Stars': Kate Flannery Jokes About Wardrobe With a Hilarious 'The Office' Reference for Fans

Kate Flannery wore an outfit for her Dancing With the Stars performance on Monday night that should give fans flashbacks to a classic The Office scene. The actress, who played Meredith Palmer on the NBC sitcom, shared side-by-side photos of the scene and her DWTS dress. While there are certainly some similarities, the one she wore for her waltz was far more modest.

In The Office scene, Meredith wears a purple dress to work for casual Friday that is far too short both up top and down below. The one she sported on Monday night certainly had everything covered up far more effectively. Fans got a kick out of the outfit comparison.

“I gotta ask....did you wear panties this time?,” one asked. “MEREDITH WHERE ARE YOUR PANTIES?,” another said. “My favorite Meredith moment!!! You’re killing it,” a third fan remarked.

Flannery and her partner Pasha Pashkov performed a Viennese waltz on Monday’s episode, and fans seemed to love it. “Beautiful job. You've got my vote. I too suffer from vertigo. I would have been falling all over the dance floor,” one commented. “I freaking love Kate Flannery more and more every week!!!!! She better make the finals!!!!!!!,” another exclaimed. A third fan wondering if she just might win it all. “Could Kate Flannery win #DWTS??? It’s very possible,” he said.

Last week, the contestants picked songs from Disney movies to dance to. Flannery picked A Spoonful of Medicine from Mary Poppins, which was her late sister’s favorite movie. She passed away in June from cancer.


“It is one of my family’s favorites, favorite movies,” Flannery told Parade about the performance. “My sister Nancy had a Mary Poppins doll, but we were never allowed to play with it. She used to play the music on the piano. This movie meant so much to her, so I was really thinking about her spirit. I have to say, it is just an honor to get to represent that on such a crazy level on this show.”

The 55-year-old also talked about her partner on the show. “It is great to have the greatest dancer literally as a partner,” she said. “Pasha is seven times national ballroom champion. He still has his title. He just won again in February, so I am literally dancing with the best dancer in the country, which is nuts. You never know. Life can bring you some really wonderful things. I am living proof.”