'Dancing With the Stars' Fans Can't Get Over Carrie Ann Inaba's Pink Hair on Disney Night

Dancing With the Stars brought the glitz of movie magic to Monday's Disney Night as the teams performed to their favorite Disney songs, but the whimsical costumes weren't limited to the dance floor. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba also got in the spirit for the fan favorite themed night, giving her take on fairy princess from the panel.

Rocking a pastel pink tulle dress with matching pink wig, Inaba completed her royal transformation with a tiara. DWTS fans couldn't stop talking about the look online, with one Twitter user comparing to her to "Glinda from The Wizard Of Oz" and others pointing out her resemblance to Wanda from The Fairly OddParents.

Others compared her look, as well as fellow judge Derek Hough's metallic blue suit, to that of Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games, a character known for his outrageous outfits.

The Talk host's pink look was certainly polarizing for fans. "Carrie Ann and Tyra are doing too much in those Fairy and Minnie Mouse Beyonce costumes," one person wrote of Inaba and DWTS host Tyra Banks, who channeled Minnie Mouse in a red polka dot dress and glitzy mouse ears. Another added on the other side of the spectrum, "I love Carrie Ann and all of the pink tonight! That wig and dress!"

Carrie Ann Inaba
(Photo: ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Despite all the Disney magic of the night, Monday's episode ended with an elimination as Tiger King's Carole Baskin and her partner, Pasha Pashkov, were sent home after earning a 12/30 for their samba set to "The Circle Of Life" from The Lion King. Also in the bottom two were actress Anne Heche and partner Keo Motsepe, who danced a quickstep set to "Zero to Hero" from Hercules that earned them a 15/30.

"I had no expectations about what this would be like, other than I didn't think anybody could teach me to dance in a million years," Baskin told Entertainment Tonight following the elimination. "I'm thankful that Dancing With the Stars gave me the opportunity [for] getting the message out there about big cats. So I've accomplished everything I came here to do. ...I think this has been an amazing opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and get my message out there."