'Dancing With the Stars': Bobby Bones Hypnotizes Sharna Burgess in Steamy Routine

Bobby Bones channeled his inner fiend in Monday's Halloween night of Dancing With the Stars.The [...]

Bobby Bones channeled his inner fiend in Monday's Halloween night of Dancing With the Stars.

The country radio personality, paired with pro Sharna Burgess, took on the notoriously difficult Argentine tango to "Mr. Sandman" by SYML during Monday's episode of the ABC series.

Dressed in all black, Bones' supernatural character danced a sexy/scary routine with Burgess' nightgown-clad character that earned a 22/30 from the judges.

Prior to the performance, Burgess opened up about the choreography and song choice to Entertainment Tonight.

"I came across this really creepy version of the song, and I kind of just fell in love with it," Burgess said. "I decided that it was time for Bobby to do a whole other character. We've seen him have so much fun. We've also seen him get emotional. Now it's time to get a little bit twisted."

Bones admitted he would have a little more practicing to do before showtime, however.

"I'm still so confused by the whole thing," he said. "It's very strong and, like, sexy — it's the two things I'm not. I'm still learning. It's tough."

And while Bones and Burgess are having to go up against talented athletes like NFL player DeMarcus Ware and his partner Lindsay Arnold, the two were hoping that their relationship as dance partners would carry them through.

"What Bobby and I have, though, is an amazing chemistry," Burgess added. "We're gonna be able to play this story and these characters really, really well because it does have a sexiness to it too."

It was a far departure from Bones' first few weeks on DWTS, during which his joyful expressions of excitement earned him criticism from both the judges and Burgess.

"I don't want to control him, I just want him to believe in the dancing that he does," Burgess told ET at the time. "I love the way he celebrates, and I love what he brings to the dancefloor, I just want him to finish the last move. That's all! And then he can celebrate and party."

"I didn't finish the last move last week either," Bones added. "I get a little too excited."

We are glad the couple got things under control and have stepped up their game on the dancefloor!

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC