'Dancing With Stars' Pro Witney Carson Hacked, and Some People Are Fuming About What the Hacker Did

With being in the spotlight, celebrities are unfortunately a notable, prime target for hackers and reality TV personality, Witney Carson was tragically the latest subject whose social media accounts were comprised this past week. The Dancing With the Stars pro took to Twitter on Saturday to share with fans and followers that her official Facebook account had been hacked and she was in the middle of "trying to get it fixed." But while Carson was working to get things back to normal, hackers had unfortunately done their fair share of damage, uploading spamming material to not only her page, but resharing items to other celebrity pages.

Unfortunately with Carson not being able to catch the hack before going viral, many fans and followers of the ABC star criticized the 26-year-old Utah native for being a legitimate spammer and attacked her on Twitter, calling her out for the spam-related content full of clickbait and unsafe links. The videos and links, which have been posted in a span of two weeks and generated thousands of views and comments range from bizarre viral videos to sponsored content.

"you should probably get your facebook page under control instead of sharing videos (including animal cruelty) to Lil Peep's page. You're being demonized for it," wrote one fan.

"ur posts did seem off, u posted a ton of whack stuff," added another.

Another critic of Carson's took to the comments section of her Twitter, criticizing her with disbelief. "really doubt it. you seem to shamelessly self promote. if you cared at all you would probably have caught onto it a week ago when it began. you owe [Lil Peep] and his fans an apology," they wrote.

"Girrrl it’s been hacked for weeks," another echoed the criticism, not believing Carson and referencing the long list of videos shared to her page.

Fans of rapper and songwriter Lil Peep, who died in 2017, were particularly upset with Carson as many of the hacker's posts on behalf of the Dancing With the Stars personality posted to the late star's Facebook.

"Go hack someone else’s account and not someone that has died. As Lil Peep fans are still mourning get over your f— self," a disgruntled fan wrote.

Carson has since not taken to social media with an update of her progress in retrieving her account. Her last post officially shared to her Facebook was days after Thanksgiving — a makeup selfie, promoting her partnership with L'Oreal Paris. Carson is still active and in control of her Instagram and Twitter.


She has not been the only celebrity hacked in the course of these past few days. Bebe Rexha and Lil Peep's Facebooks were also hacked with a barrage of videos uploaded for viral attention.

Photo credit: Lawrence Busacca/Getty Images for L'Oréal