'Counting On' Star Jason Duggar Defends Sister Jana After Trolls Attack Her Still Living at Home

The Duggar family will always stick together. Jason Duggar recently came to Jana Duggar's defense after she was criticized by trolls online for still living at home. And Jason clearly had no trouble giving those trolls a piece of his mind.

The whole drama started after the latest episode of TLC's Counting On aired, per InTouch Weekly. In the episode, Jedediah and Jeremiah Duggar got their own house, which prompted viewers to wonder whether there were different rules for the men and women in the Duggar family when it comes to moving out. On this note, social media users also questioned why Jana, 30, is not allowed to go on trips unsupervised while her younger brothers can move out of the family home. One user commented on Jana's latest Instagram photo, which she posted on Thursday, with, "I'm sorry, I genuinely don't understand why your younger brothers can move out of the family home, but you can't take a trip with friends unchaperoned."

In response to the user's comment, Jason took to his sister's defense. He wrote, "I'm sorry, I genuinely don't understand how you think you know about all the trips she takes." While some praised Jason for speaking out, others said that the original commenter had a point when it comes to this topic. Another user wrote, "We see the trips with her and her friends and your dad tagging along. She's a grown woman." Their comment was likely about the trip that Jana and her father, Jim Bob Duggar, took in January when they went to Las Vegas.


Even though some have criticized the family for what appears to be a double-standard, it seems as though it is actually Jana's decision to stay at home. On Tuesday's episode of Counting On, family matriarch Michelle Duggar explained that all of her children are allowed to move out of the family home when they turn 18. However, many of their kids do choose to stay at home to save money. Jana herself commented on this topic back in January of 2019. In response to a fan's question about whether she still bunks with her little sisters, the reality star explained that she enjoys staying at home and being with her family. She responded to their inquiry with, "Actually, I've had the choice to move to another room but love being in the girls' room with my sisters! The evenings are the best. We sit around talking and catching up on each others' [days]."