'Counting On': Is Jinger Duggar Breaking Family Rules With New Hair Color?

Dying your hair shouldn't be a rule-breaking offense, but when you're a Duggar it could be. The Counting On family has some very, very strict rules when it comes to their children, sometimes to the point that 1984 would come to mind.

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That said, they're a loving clan. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle may have set out some stiff rules for their kids, but they mean well. It just remains to be seen what happens when one of them break those rules.

Jinger Duggar might be the most recent and is known as a bit of a rebel within the family according to CheatSheet. After her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo and the introduction of their child, Felicity, Duggar started to live on her own terms. That includes choosing to go with a blonde hair look for her move to Los Angeles.

"Decided to go with the blonde balayage this Summer," Duggar captioned her photo, capping it with a smiley face emoji.

And while it was a happy moment, CheatSheet indicates it could be crossing the line when it comes to her family. Some fans were shocked that the Duggar daughter dyed her hair -- the first of the clan to do so -- and let it be known.

"Is it just me or have we never seen a Duggar dye their hair?" one fan commented on the photo.

"Be careful sweety not to follow the temptations of the World! God bless you with strength in Jesus Christ always!" another fan warned.

Many also made it known that they believed God determined and created genetics, fighting with other commenters over the claim, adding that that is what determined her natural color. It's far more heated than you'd expect for a young woman dying her hair. And not even using a wild color on top of that.

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I am so glad that we are able to be with family during this difficult time.

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Luckily, it seems that her family is fine with the decision. Jim Bob and Michelle were seen in recent photos with Jinger and family, showing off their smiles while holding their granddaughter.

On top of that, several family members commented on the new look.

"Looks lovely, Jinge!" Jessa Seewald Duggar commented on the new photo. "So cute!!!"

"You are gorgeous!" Anna Duggar added.

"Is there any look you can't pull off!?" Amy Duggar tossed into the praise pile.


While the rest didn't add their own thoughts, it seems like it isn't that much a big deal. It is also clear that not every Duggar child has always followed the rules, so it really shouldn't be seen as a big deal.