Christina Hall Reveals How She and Ex-Husband Tarek El Moussa Continued 'Flip or Flop' After Split

Flip or Flop fans were sure the hit series would come to an end after then-married hosts Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa divorced, but now Hall is opening up about how they were able to continue working together on the show. "There were hard, tense days, but it wasn't a reality show based on a marriage; it was still about the houses, so that made it easier," Hall recently told Us Weekly, per Deadline. "We had to show up, do our jobs and then went home and didn't have to talk to each other."

Hall and El Moussa were married from 2009 until 2018 and share two children together. The pair began hosting Flip or Flop in 2013 and continued working together for four years after their split, eventually ending the series in 2022. During her conversation with Us Weekly, Hall explained how the former couple first got into DIY TV. "The short version is Tarek submitted information to the production company we were with [during] Flip or Flop," she said. "He told them that we just flipped our first house, we did a video and the next thing you know, they came out with cameras and followed us to an auction."

She went on to share, "They submitted a sizzle to HGTV, and it took a year to get it picked up. Then all of a sudden, it was like, OK, there's going to be a pilot, and that turned into getting picked up for 13 episodes. The whole thing is wild."

These days, Hall is hosting two news shows — Christina on the Coast and Christina in the Country — which give her the freedom to do more of what she wants and less of what she doesn't. "I do things I'm comfortable with and say no when I'm not. I'm always protecting the kids first and foremost," she explained. "HGTV is a very G-rated network, and they've been wonderful to work with. They never try to do anything dramatic."

Finally, Hall offered some insight into how she's learned to handle critics, saying that she just ignores them now. "I stopped reading the comments a few years ago," she admitted. "I'm not going to get anything positive out of that. There are a bunch of crazy people out there saying wild things. They don't even know me."