Christina Hall Opens up About How She Deals With Online Hate Amid Husband Josh's Former Career Reveal

Christina Hall is opening up about dealing with online hate. The Christina in the Country star, 39, is no stranger to criticism, whether it be over her relationships or parenting decisions, but told PEOPLE in a new interview that the harsh words have less effect on her the older she gets.

"I allow myself a little time to be upset," she told the outlet of her method for handling the hate, "and usually the things that upset me are when people make direct statements about things they have no idea about. Sometimes that'll really irritate me and then I'll talk to [husband] Josh about it."

Christina's legal battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead over how their son, 3-year-old Hudson, is to be posted on social media has been another target of trolls, but the HGTV star isn't bothered. "The thing is, people already have a preconceived notion in their head. You could literally show them the truth and they could still be like, no, that's not the truth," she said, noting that she can move on from the comments when she remembers, "I have a great life and I can't be focused on pleasing everyone."

Blocking out the haters comes with age as well "I think the older I get, the less I care," she noted. "I'm approaching 40 in a few months and what I've heard is, in your forties, you're the most confident and comfortable in your own skin."

The Flip or Flop alum's words come on the heels of husband Josh Hall's reveal that he used to be a police officer as he celebrated National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day Monday with a lengthy tribute to those "who are out there doing a thankless job 24/7/365." The real estate agent and TV producers wrote, "Typically I won't share much about my personal life and my past, but with today being #NationalLawEnforcementAppreciationDay, me spending 16+ years in that field before medically retiring, I felt the need to remind those who are unaware and want to show some appreciation for those still grinding away for our safety."

The TV personality continued, "Granted all officers are not saints, some will have made poor choices and maybe even some of them didn't respond to your needs the way you wanted, but be reminded there are roughly 700K police officers in the U.S. and the majority will spend the greater part of their life facing fears and people the general public would run the other way from."