Christina Anstead 'Still Adjusting' in Photo With 3-Month-Old Son, and Fans Are Weighing In

Flip or Flop star, Christina Anstead might be welcoming in 2020 with a lot of love and appreciation for all the blessings in her life, but the mother-of-three is also getting candid about her new baby boy and how she is "still adjusting" with the 3-month-old's sleep cycle. In a post shared to her Instagram on Dec. 30, Anstead confessed she has been struggling even after all these weeks, sparking fans of the HGTV star to weigh in on the frank admission.

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"16 weeks post baby and still adjusting over here... does anyone else have a baby who doesn't like to nap?" she asked. "We have the room blacked out, white noise machine, soft pajamas and a swaddle and he still has such a hard time going down . He only likes to sleep on me- which is sweet and wonderful on occasion - except I have other kids and a million things to do ... and he woke up like 5 times last night so I feel like I got hit by a train today."

Anstead added that luckily her husband, Ant "took the big kids on an adventure," so she can stay in her pajamas all day.

Fans of the Christina on the Coast star weighed in and offered their support to the 36-year-old, sharing their own tips for helping their babies get their rest.

"Had one just like that- I literally had to hold him 24/7 for the first year," wrote one fan. "Nonstop ... only breaks I had were to shower and I ate with him in my arms/on me. Now that same kid-Conner- is a 6'3 teenager who barely acknowledges me."

"I hired a sleep specialist cause I couldn't take it anymore... Fixed Braxy right up, he still naps almost 3 hours a day," suggested another.

"Yup!" confirmed another fan. "My daughter literally doesn't sleep unless she's on me or my husband. She's been this way since she was born basically. It is just now slowly getting better at almost 11 months old but she still has to be on us to nap. So exhausting! Hang in there!"

"My boy didn't nap either unless it was on me!" wrote another. "Hated swings car rides the bouncy. I was tired all the time and a single mom too. And he is still super attached to me I love it! Hang in there momma it tough but it gets better."

As she prepares for the premiere of her HGTV series' second season, the reality television personality opened up about how the toddler has changed their lives earlier this year, revealing that Hudson has "definitely been [the] hardest" of all her children.

"He still really just likes being in the house," Anstead said. "He doesn't like going out. As a very busy family, that's been very difficult. But since he hit the 3-month mark, he's been doing a lot better. A lot more smiles and coos and sleeping better, so I think we're on the right track."


Anstead and her husband welcomed their first child together back in September. The HGTV personality already shares Taylor, 9, and Brayden, 3, with ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, and the former couple amicably co-parent their family.

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