'Chrisley Knows Best': Todd Pits His Family Against Itself for Real Estate Gig

Todd Chrisley is putting his kids to work — and pitting them against one another in Tuesday's all-new episode of Chrisley Knows Best.

After investing in a plot of land that can fit six homes and four town homes, Todd was looking to "create the perfect family neighborhood" by keeping the whole real estate process in the family and enlisting one of his fellow Chrisleys as the listing agent.

Daughter Savannah, 20, stepped to the front of the line due to her real estate education. "I'm halfway through my class, so I'll be passing my test soon," she said confidently.

But son Chase, 22, wanted his slice of the pie as well. "It's supposed to be Chrisley and son," he protested, to which Savannah fired back, "Well, I've been taking prep classes and you've done nothing."

Todd also chided Chase, "Son, you've had the chance to take your test and you haven't done it," but Chase told his dad, "Savannah's as close to passing that test as I am, Daddy."

He continued, "You spoon feed Savannah as always, and I get left for nothing ... you don't have respect for my last name!"

Todd tiredly responded, "I gave you that name."

Wife Julie also was interested in using her real estate experience, but with an expired license, she needed to pass the same exam as her kids to make herself eligible for the listing agent position.

"I get that you all want the list, but none of you are agents yet...so you all need to get it together," Todd told the bickering group.

Todd decided to pit all three of his family members against one another for a competition for their license and the position, telling Julie, "There's nothing like a good old competition to light a fire under y'all's a—es."

He even signed them up for a test prep class, with just one catch — he would be their professor!

After Savannah dominated her brother and mom in a rapid-fire real estate quiz, the family decided that competing against one another wasn't getting them any closer to their goal of passing the test.

Todd stood by his competition method, at first, but eventually caved and said that whoever passed their exam in the family would share the listing.

"We're a family. We do it all together. We build it together. We reap the benefits of it together," he told the three hopeful agents.

In the end, all three passed their practice exam, and were confident about passing their tests in a real testing environment.

"I'd hate to give that commission to somebody else," Todd said threateningly.


Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET on USA.

Photo credit: USA