'Chrisley Knows Best': Todd and Julie Snoop Through Grayson's Phone to Figure out Coded Emoji Message

The Chrisleys are not letting Grayson off the hook. A new clip from Tuesday's episode of Chrisley Knows Best caught up with parents Todd and Julie struggling to decipher a message on their teenage son's phone that was filled with emojis.

"Look what I found from Grayson's phone that he's texting?" Julie says looking the phone. "How are you supposed to figure that out?"

Todd inspects and says the emojis are "pictures" before his wife corrects him and they attempt to decipher what the text says.

"Yo, eyeball... what's that?" Todd begins, stumbling on a piece of pizza emoji."Is that bread?"

Finally Nanny Faye says she wants to try to take a look at the text. While the parents hesitate, Nanny says she loves "some detective work."

"You see 'just got pizza want to play ball... play basketball', I got that at the end," she said as Todd and Julie stood in awe.

"How the hell did she get play basketball out of that?" he said.

Savannah walks in and wonders what they are doing when Julie explains their issue trying to read Grayson's texts.

"Guarantee she doesn't know as much as us," Nanny says before Savannah reads the emoji-filled text with ease.

"'Yo, I just got pizza," Savannah translates. "Want to meet up and play video games or basketball?'"

Todd expressed his frustration, wondering why the boys didn't just spell it out rather than using the complicated icons.

"Yeah, you know darn well you could've just written it out," Nanny says, exasperated by the texting debacle.

When looking at the response from Grayson, just three emojis, even Savannah couldn't figure out what was going on. A hands down emoji, a bee and a salt shaker.

"Honey, do you want to meet up with me and put some salt on it," Nanny suggested, getting laughs from Savannah and the rest of the family.

The family has been dealing with some of Grayson's preteen moments during the latest season of the reality series. Back in June, Julie believed her son was keeping a secret from her. Later in the episode, Grayson told his dad that he "may or may not have a girlfriend."

"I'm glad that you told me," Todd responded. "I was starting to feel like I wasn't cool or I was too old."


"I guess what I learned this week is it's OK to give your kids a little bit of space," Todd reflected later, after insisting on accompanying his son on a sweet ice cream date with his new girlfriend. "Let your child come to you, because hopefully that's what they're gonna do."

What will the Chrisley learn after the emoji situation? Tune in to find out Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.