'Chrisley Knows Best' Star Todd Chrisley Shocked by 'Devastating' Low Testosterone Diagnosis

Todd Chrisley was absolutely "devastated" to be diagnosed with low testosterone, and his family wasn't exactly pleased with the aftermath either.

During the season premiere of Chrisley Knows Best Tuesday, the outspoken real estate mogul decided to get himself checked out at the doctor's office after experiencing some concerning symptoms.

Upon getting the results back, Todd was shocked to learn he had low levels of testosterone, which doctors suggested he combat with prescribed steroids.

Breaking the news to his wife, Todd admitted, "My testosterone is low," only to be shrugged off by an unconcerned Julie, who told him just how common the condition is in men getting older.

"Do you understand how devastating this diagnosis is?" he doubled down, adding in his typical over-the-top manner that it seemed an odd diagnosis, as "when I wake up every morning I still have wood."

"I don’t actually know what problems I could have from having low testosterone, but I mean, hell, I may have to start sitting down to take a pee," Todd dramatically added to the camera.

While Julie questioned how necessary the steroids were to combat the issue, Todd only continued on his rant, telling her, "I'm not walking around with low testosterone because I need to be able to do to you what I did last night."

Informing his family of his condition, Todd wasn't exactly met with the sympathy he had hoped for, with daughter Savannah joking he was going through "Man-O-Pause," and son Chase making comments about possible "shrinkage" from the steroids.

"Some people have the luxury of being vulnerable in their family. I've never had that," Todd told the camera. "My family are like hyenas. They see a wildebeest limping, they all jump in at once and take him down."

Unfortunately, the steroids didn't have quite the intended effect, making Todd more than a little irritable around the house, causing the USA personality to get a second opinion.

Todd was even more shocked to learn the second time around that his levels looked just fine, and that not only was his initial diagnosis the result of possible error, but that the irritability his family noticed wouldn't have been a side effect of the steroids.

"If this is all because of age, how hairy and angry am I going to be at 70?" Todd said at getting the second test results back. "It's hell getting old."

"It is honey," Julie agreed. " But at least I get to do it with you."


Chrisley Knows Best airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

Photo credit: USA


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