'Chris Watts, Colorado Killer Dad: The Friends Speak' Exclusive Clip Gives Insight Into the Disturbing Case

Dive deeper into the disturbing case of Chris Watts with a new special bringing friends and neighbors of his late wife, Shanann Watts together into the same room. Ahead of the Chris Watts, Colorado Killer Dad: The Friends Speak premiere Saturday on REELZ, PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek of heart-wrenching insights from those who knew Chris before he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

"As far as accommodating, you could tell any time the girls asked for anything, or wanted anything, he jumped on it right away," one of the couple's Colorado neighbors says in the preview. "I mean he would walk around the neighborhood with the wagon for two, three hours, until they were done."

Zac D., a friend of Shanann's, adds that he always saw Chris as an ideal father before the murders. "I would see their videos of him playing with the girls on Facebook, and he was another dad that I looked up to," he confesses. "That I would see him playing with his girls, and I would watch that video, I'm like, 'God, I wanna go play with my kids right now.' I wanna be that dad. Everything seemed perfect."

Michelle D., a childhood friend of Shanann's agrees that the happy facade was quite convincing. "I will say with the relationship, it was the American dream relationship," she explains. "I remember Zac and I talking, and I'm like, 'Look at how happy they are. I'm so glad she's found somebody that's gonna take care of her, and loves her, loves the children, does anything he can to be there for his family.' So it was a happy and healthy relationship until Jezebel came through."

Also in the special, viewers will get an inside look at police footage of Chris "as he unravels from his distraught family man act during police interrogation and his tearful confession to his own father."

Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke will also share his his thoughts on the case and months examining the relationship between Chris and Shanann leading up to the murders.

Chris Watts, Colorado Killer Dad: The Friends Speak (produced by Kinetic Content and Pyramid Pictures) premieres Saturday, Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. ET on REELZ.


Photo credit: RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post via Getty Images