Chris Jericho Jokes About His 'Lack of Skills' in 'Fast Foodies' (Exclusive)

Chris Jericho is known for being one of the top pro wrestlers in the world. However, the 51-year old All Elite Wrestling star will show off one of his lesser-known skills in the kitchen in a new episode of Fast Foodies which airs on Thursday, Feb. 3 at 10 p.m. ET on truTV. In an exclusive interview with, Jericho talked about how he has limited skills when it comes to cooking. 

"Taking my skills to the kitchen, which is basically lack of skills," Jericho told PopCulture. "But yeah, when the idea of Fast Foodies kind of came across my proverbial desk, it's not like I set out and said, 'Well, the one thing I haven't done is be on a cooking show.' But it was something that was very intriguing, very interesting to me because I find, much like when I did Dancing with the Stars, or if you go and create an NFT or whatever, maybe, it's all art." 

Fast Foodies is a competition cooking show where three chefs — Jeremy Ford, Kristen Kish and Justin Sutherland — attempt to re-create a celebrity guest's favorite fast-food item and later make their own take on it. The series is in its second season and boasts previous celebrity guests like Joel McHale, James Van Der Beek and Andy Richter. Jericho will be featured in the second episode of Season 2 alongside former NBA star Baron Davis. 

"So take, like, I'll do a Whopper or chicken McNuggets," Jericho said. "And I was going through a big Cracker Barrel phase. So I thought, "Well, let's see if we can do a Cracker Barrel mama's pancake breakfast of those amazing pancakes that Cracker Barrel has, with the apple topping and the turkey sausage and the eggs.' And then they do their version of it, a reasonable facsimile of this original meal. And then once you do that, then they do their version of it, which is a completely different gourmet creation where they use elements of the flavors. And that's really when the true artistry comes in. So they did a great job."

Jericho has a lot of respect for the chefs who can make their own versions of a fast food dish, but the former AEW World Champion is not going to start a cooking show anytime soon. "When I did Dancing With the Stars, it was amazing," Jericho said. "And as soon as I was eliminated, after seven weeks, people said, 'Well, you going to go dancing now?' It's like, no, absolutely not. I know seven dances. And I practiced for that for a week. And you get it down, and you do it. And you appreciate the art of it, but it's not like I'm not going to dance at the Copa on a Friday night or anything like that. It's the same with my experiences on Fast Foodies, I leave that to the pros and worship them from afar."