Chip and Joanna Gaines' Coffee Shop Magnolia Press Officially Opens, Take a Peek Inside

Chip and Joanna GainesMagnolia empire has officially grown yet again. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Joanna announced that their new coffee shop, Magnolia Press, is open for business. The HGTV star shared an image of the front of the building and one from the ordering counter, both of which were filled with plenty of balloons.

Fans are thrilled about the grand opening. “The coffee is soooo good!! And the ding dong that is called chocolate cake is to die for!!” one wrote.

“This looks Iike a dream congrats on another stunning new project!” another said.

“I don’t even like coffee but I’m gonna be drinkin’ some magnolia press coffee,” a third fan commented.

“We went today! The artichoke croissant was unbelievable! Thank you so much!” a happy customer replied.

People have flocked to Magnolia Press even before its grand opening as the coffee shop has been under a soft opening for a few weeks. There are plenty of images on Instagram that show off its beautiful design, inside and out.

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The couple first announced the creation of the coffee shop in July. "For the past couple of months, we’ve been working on a new addition to the Silos grounds," Joanna wrote in an Instagram post with a rendering of the building. "This fall, our coffee shop Magnolia Press, will officially open!"

On her blog, she explained the inspiration for creating the coffee shop in this space.

"When we evaluated what we felt was missing from the overall experience and how we could use the old building next door, everyone on our team agreed a good corner coffee shop would make the perfect fit," she wrote. "In a world where everything feels rushed and fast-moving, there’s a familiar and worthwhile pause waiting for us in a good cup of coffee."


The concept is part of the Gaines’ Silos property, where there is a market, restaurant, shops and a baking company.

"Our dream for the Silos grounds has always been for it to be a place where people can relax and take a break from the demands of life," Joanna wrote on her blog. "Whether it’s on the lawn watching kids play, in the garden with its seasonal blooms, or in the market with all the beautiful displays — our hope is that this place creates moments and memories with your loved ones."