'Celebrity Big Brother': New HOH, Nominations Named After Kato Kaelin Eviction

The Celebrity Big Brother house has a new Head of Household in charge leading up to Friday's double eviction — Tom Green.

In Thursday's all-new episode of the CBS reality show, the comedian was gunning for wrestler Natalie Eva Marie and NFL player Ricky Williams going into the Friday's live eviction.

At the start of Thursday's episode, Kato Kaelin's ally Tom Green was in shock after the O.J. Simpson trial witness was sent home in a 5-0 vote after going up alongside him on the block.

"Tom is wandering around like a lost puppy," Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss told the camera, adding that she was hoping to get him over on her side as the number of houseguests dwindles. "Going into this next HOH comp, I need Tom to be motivated and fighting with us, because if he doesn't, myself, Tom or [Dina Lohan], two of us are going on the block."

Green seemed on board with her plan to eliminate one of the athletes next, putting a target on Olympian Lolo Jones, Eva Marie and Williams' back heading into the Las Vegas casino-themed HOH competition, emceed by none other than Celebrity Big Brother Season 1 star Omarosa Manigault.

In "Celebrity Tumbling Dice," the houseguests were tasked with navigating a massive casino table in a human-sized dice cube with the goal of returning to base with the proper number on top of their "dice."

Despite the other alliance gunning for him, Green dominated the challenge, taking out Williams and Jones at the start. Learning from her ally members' mistakes, Eva Marie took on Lohan in the competition, winning easily against the confused momager. Burruss also challenged Eva Marie, but lost, letting Tamar Braxton, Jones and Williams in on her changing alliances.

"They both gotta go," Jones said of Green and Burruss after figuring out what was behind the RHOA star's strategy.

It all came down to Green and Eva Marie, with the comedian emerging on top and marking the end of the athlete alliance (plus Braxton) as the Big Brother house knows it.

Following his second HOH victory, Green was sure to keep his feelings a bit closer to the vest, meeting with everyone in attempts to curry favor with his fellow houseguests while going after Williams, who has been pulling the strings on the other side of the house.

Williams, of course, saw right through Green's fake plan to put him on the block as a pawn, but didn't have much recourse except to play along for the time being.

At the nomination ceremony, Green announced he would be putting up Williams and Eva Marie for eviction, planning to keep the wrestler safe and take out the football player, unless he won the Power of Veto, in which case Jones could be put up against Eva Marie.

Who will be going home in Friday's double eviction? And how will the Power of Veto play in?

The ongoing season of Celebrity Big Brother will air over 13 episodes, with the finale airing on Feb. 13.


Celebrity Big Brother's two-hour eviction will air Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS