Cecily Chapman Honors Late Mother Beth Chapman With Furry Photoshoot

Cecily Chapman is cozying up and sending love to late mom Beth Chapman as she spends time in Michigan with brother Garry Chapman. The Dog the Bounty Hunter daughter wrapped herself in a massive faux fur coat she teased could be a part of a future release for her For Beth fashion line in an Instagram photo she posted Sunday with the caption, "It's the Fur for me #ForBethFauxFur."

Cecily's followers couldn't believe how much she resembles Beth, who died in June 2019 following a battle with cancer. "Looking all like your mom!" one person commented, as another chimed in, "You look like your mum so much in this picture I know she is proud of you." A third added, "Beautiful fur, beautiful girl, beautiful memories of your mom. I know she loved you so very much! All of her children, her husband, her grandkids, her friends! Only love!"

Cecily reunited with brother Garry last week for the first time since Beth's funeral in July 2019, traveling from her sunny home in Hawaii to the chilly winter of Jackson, Michigan, where Garry works in law enforcement like his father. "I flew to Chicago from Hawaii, it was a nine-hour flight and then I took a train six hours to Michigan — it's a long journey," Cecily told The Sun Tuesday. "I want to give Garry Boy my motherly touch, go cook him some food, clean up his house a little bit, just show him some love."


"It's the first time I've seen Garry since our mom's funeral," she continued. "It's been so long, it'll be the first time we've had one-on-one time for a while, and the first time I've stayed at his house. It's exciting — big sissy's in town!" Garry has been keeping his life mostly private since the death of his mother last year, but took to the social media platform to share an emotional message for Beth's birthday, which remains the most recent post on his social media account months later. "Some days I'm up. Some days I'm down. Some days I turn and look for you with thoughts I'd like to share," he wrote alongside a smiling photo of his mom. "Some days I wonder what you would think or say. Some days I struggle to go on just wishing you were here. Most days I spend in gratitude that you were ever here. Miss you momma, happy birthday."