'Catfish': Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford Are Back on the Road for Time-Sensitive Case (Exclusive)

Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford will be faced with a time-sensitive Catfish: The TV Show case on Wednesday's episode. In an exclusive sneak peek of the next episode, the hosts are finally able to go out on the road to meet the latest individual who needs their help, Hayley. The Texan might have formed a relationship with Washington D.C.-based Britani, but her sister Aliyah has some serious doubts on whether everything is as it seems. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Schulman and Crawford have taken their investigations to Zoom. Nearly two years into the pandemic, they are finally able to meet up with people in person again in order to get to the bottom of the catfishing drama. Once they got to Hayley's sister Aliyah's house, they got the lowdown on the woman's interesting relationship with Britani. Like many of these cases, Hayley first came into contact with Britani over social media. After they began to like one another's photos on Instagram, they began to text back and forth. 

Hayley explained that they did talk on the phone at times. However, it wasn't often as both she and Britani were in relationships at the time. Eventually, Hayley cut off ties with Britani in order to figure out her situation with her girlfriend. But, they were still cordial. Things took a turn when Hayley planned a trip to Washington D.C. with her girlfriend. At that point, she reached out to Britani to see if they could meet up, as she lived near the area. However, Britani never replied. 

Months later, Hayley reached out again and she and Britani's relationship took an "intense" turn. Even though their relationship was heating up, Britani was never available to FaceTime Hayley. Crawford then asked Hayley what it was that drew her to Britani and she responded that they formed a strong emotional connection. They even bonded over their respective traumas. 

Hayley is planning to take her relationship with Britani to the next level, as she told the hosts that she was planning on going to Washington D.C. to visit her. Although, Hayley's sister wasn't super on board with that. Once her sister did exit the room, Hayley showed Crawford and Schulman a message that she received from Britani. The message saw Britani explaining that it wasn't the best time for them to meet up because she was busy with work. 

Even though Britani told her not to come, Hayley was adamant about making the trip. Schulman and Crawford both noted that it might not be the best idea for her to continue with her trip. However, since Hayley is serious about taking action in her relationship with Britani, the hosts vowed to take the case just as seriously in order to get to the bottom of the potential catfish's identity. Fans will be able to see the conclusion to this case when Catfish airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.