Caitlyn Jenner Reportedly Has 'No Interest' in Dating

After reports surfaced claiming that Caitlyn Jenner is back on the dating scene, a source close to the 68-year-old reality star stated that this is not the case.

"She still has no interest in dating," the source told People magazine. "It's just not a priority."

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The rumors that the former Olympian is looking for love surfaced earlier this week after being seen with 21-year-old college student Sophia Hutchins. The two were seen together during a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. Despite appearances, the two are simply friends.

Jenner has insisted that being in a relationship is not a primary focus in her life. Since transitioning from a male to female two years ago and undergoing gender confirmation surgery in January, Jenner's romantic life has been a heavily discussed subject with her.

"I never have [been with a man]," she said on the season 2 premiere of her E! docu-series, I Am Cait last year. "To be honest with you, I can't see myself dating women in the future. I've been there, done that. I have three very strong ex-wives. I just don't see it — I don't see a woman being attracted to me."

"If there was a female in my life, it would be more like a friendship than it would be a serious relationship," she said.

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Jenner also recognizes that whoever she possibly dates in the future will be subject to heavy scrutiny.

"Can you imagine if I actually had a date and walked out of a movie theater on a quiet Wednesday night holding hands with somebody?" she said. "I think it would be really tough on me. It certainly would be tough on the guy. Like, 'Why are you dating her? What are your motivations?' It just gets so complicated because of the media that I don't know any guy who would want to go through something like that."