‘The Busch Family Brewed’: Billy Jr. Wants to Show His Family Marissa is Here for the 'Right Reason' (Exclusive)

With such a big family comes a large collection of opinions. For Billy Busch Jr., that can be a fairly annoying thing whenever it's time to introduce the family to a new girlfriend of his. On The Busch Family Brewed, the oldest son in the family welcomed his long-distance girlfriend, Marissa, onto the family farm. She was able to meet his parents for the first time and hang out with his six siblings.

As his mother, Christi Busch, alluded to before, it's never easy for anyone in the family to bring in a new face. Billy Jr. saw that firsthand in the way his family brought in Marissa, and that continued on Thursday's newest back-to-back episodes of the MTV reality show.

"It's extremely difficult to bring in a significant other because my family has such high expectations," Billy Jr. told PopCulture.com. "Everybody is so different in my family. It's tough to please everybody." He noted that this has "always been the case" in his family.

Billy Jr. did explain that what viewers see in how his family deals with his girlfriend is nowhere near the stress put on his sisters when they bring home a guy. He said that for some reason they're always "tougher" on the girls.

In previous episodes, Haley, the oldest of the four daughters, found herself in the cross-hairs of her parents and siblings' opinions on Clark, her boyfriend of seven years. She ended up hearing what they had to say and the two wrapped up last week's episode by going on a break.

As for Billy Jr., Thursday's episodes saw him approach some big life moments and some difficult conversations. He had to break the news to his parents that after one year of dating, he was ready to start looking for apartments in Dallas to live with Marissa.

"I was extremely torn up about it," Billy Jr. said of his emotions going into that discussion with his parents. "It was very difficult for me because I've never had to go that far outside of my comfort zone with my parents and significant other so I was caught up in the middle of all of that."

Later on, Billy Jr. then brings up another challenging talking point, this time with his girlfriend during their first apartment visit. With his family warning him that she may be using him for his stature and money, Billy Jr. tells Marissa that he would like to go 50/50 on their rent. Marissa said she was planning on doing that anyway but was thrown off by him being so upfront about the situation.

"It was to prove to my family that this girl is not a gold digger and that she's in it for the right reason but also because to me that's what I believe," Billy Jr. said, adding that it's not unreasonable for a couple to split things before they're married.

The final scenes on Thursday saw a surprisingly heated back-and-forth when Billy Jr. and Marissa went back to the hotel lobby to meet with his brother Gussie and his friend Jake. The latter two decided to confront Marissa about what her intentions were in the relationship, even telling Billy Jr. that moving out may not be the best decision. All of this culminated in the two heading out but not before the oldest brother tossed a beer on Gussie. Billy Jr. said he was "caught off guard" by the whole ordeal, but wouldn't let that ruin the two's evening together in Dallas.


The Busch Family Brewed airs on MTV on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET