'The Busch Family Brewed': Haley, Billy Jr. Show They're 'Just Like Everyone Else' Ahead of MTV Series Premiere (Exclusive)

A series that's been long in the works, The Busch Family Brewed will take viewers inside the family of Billy Busch and his wife, Christi. The descendants of the iconic Busch family will bring cameras into their family's life for the first time ever, introducing the world to not just themselves but their children.

Two of the children, Billy Jr. — the oldest of the bunch who "wears many hats" in the business including with the creative and marketing team — and Haley — who also has a hand in the marketing and social aspect of the company — spoke with PopCulture.com ahead of the special two-episode premiere on MTV.

The pair are excited to open the door to their family and anticipate America will enjoy the party that naturally comes with their lineage.

"It was important to us to not hold back at all and just put everything out there," Billy Jr. explained. "We came together as a family before we did, and we agreed that when we did this, we want to be open books about it."

Along with Billy Jr. and Haley, the family consists of five other siblings: Abbey, Gussie, Grace, Maddie and Peter. All of them — even the youngest Peter, who is 14-years old — play a role in the company.

"We've been involved pretty much since we could," Haley said about the family business. "We eat, sleep and breathe this business. We're building it from the ground up."

The family spent much time as a unit talking about the opportunity of having their own show before accepting MTV's offer. Billy Jr. said they've been approached about doing a show for many years but decided now would be a good time to invite America into their St. Louis living room.

"It's mostly excitement," Billy Jr. said when asked about whether or not the family was nervous about bringing cameras into their lives. "We've been approached about this for years ever since we were younger, and we decided that now that the majority of us are older, it's time to do something like this because we all have significant roles in this family business."

As for what viewers at home can expect, Haley believes America will come to see that their family is just like everyone else because, as she puts it, "we are one big loving family."

"We go through everything that a normal family goes through, we're just like everyone else," shared Haley.

The storyline will follow the family as they break ground on a brewery on their land for the first time in 150 years where they plan to create their "own original beer" and keep the legendary brewing name alive. Along the way, business will be put aside as everything from breakups to big moves will be highlighted.


"I hope that everybody sees that we want to keep this tradition alive," Billy Jr. explained. "We want everybody to know that we are going to write a chapter in the Busch brewing legacy and build a brewery on our farm. We're going to continue doing what our great, great-grandfather did when he came to America from Germany."

The Busch Family Brewed will premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET with two back-to-back 30 minute episodes.