'Brother Vs. Brother': Drew and Jonathan Scott Get Surprise Visit From Mystery Judge Orlando Soria in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott continue to go head-to-head in their home designing competition on Brother vs. Brother. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, which will air on HGTV on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET, Drew brings in a secret judge to determine this week's winner. As seen in the exclusive clip above, the secret judge is none other than HGTV personality Orlando Soria.

Drew kept the identity of the judge a surprise from his twin brother Jonathan until the very last moment. When it was ultimately revealed that Soria is this week's judge, Jonathan was more than a bit surprised given events that happened earlier in the season. Jonathan asked his brother while filming an interview together for the camera, "Why on Earth would you choose the judge who made you lose the first challenge?" As Drew explained, "On Build Me Up, Orlando renovates houses for clients going through a major life change. And I learned a lot in the past, in the other challenge. And so I think this time, I'm gonna win him over."

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When the pair sat down with Soria, Jonathan said that he believes that he has an advantage, being as the judge previously voted for his renovations in an earlier episode. But, as Drew said, "Here's my whole thought, I don't want any bias here, fair judging. But, I've done a lot of work here that I really think that Orlando's gonna love and I just want to steal that win away from Jonathan." Soria then told the two brothers that he's going to have to try hard not to "play favorites" given their sibling rivalry. He later explained to the camera that he's taking his role as a judge very seriously and that he will be examining the brothers' work from an impartial viewpoint.

"Drew might be thinking because he invited me back, I'm gonna favor him a little bit, maybe help him win this time. I'm gonna be impartial. I'm gonna judge who did the best job, who improved the space the most, and who I really think deserves to win," Soria said. The stakes are incredibly high for this week's competition, as the winner will be able to enjoy a true Hollywood-style stuntman experience. As for who will pull out the win, fans will have to tune in on Wednesday night to see who Soria believes renovated their space the best.