Bri Barlup Set to Reveal Baby Daddy on 'Little Women: Dallas' Reunion

Pregnant Little Women: Dallas cast member Bri Barlup is reportedly set to reveal who the father of her child is on the season's reunion special, and the answer might come as a surprise to some fans.

During the reunion taping this week, TMZ is reporting that Barlup's ex rapper Wooda Bowen was brought out on stage and revealed to be the father of her child.

The two already have a 3-year-old son named Malik together. Malik does carry the gene for achondroplasia, which is the same kind of dwarfism his mother has.

According to TMZ, Bowen did not take the news well, storming off stage and demanding a paternity test. Bowen and Barlup never dated officially, but were friends with benefits for a while before Barlup broke off the agreement to work on herself.

News of Barlup's pregnancy leaked in October, when she was reportedly about five months along.


The Lifetime cast member also goes by Left Cheek and is a model and dancer who has appeared in a several music videos. She used to live in Atlanta, but moved to Dallas to be with her best friend and castmate Emily Fernandez.