'Big Brother' Viewers Sound off After Massive Blindside: 'I'm Screaming'

Big Brother's balance of power might finally be in for a major shift. After weeks of the Gr8ful alliance's dominance, fans of the CBS competition series were ready for the big blindside during Thursday's eviction vote, bringing massive shakeup to the Big Brother house.

Thursday's episode saw Jackson Michie, Jack Matthews and other members of the Gr8ful alliance decide to step away from current HoH Nick Maccarrone's plans and vote to evict Cliff Hogg III instead of Nicole Anthony.

The episode showed footage of Nick assuring the petroleum engineer he would be safe during the live eviction as his biggest allies created a new alliance — the Six Shooters — to target him and his showmance partner, Isabella Wang. Fans of the show were eager to find out if the house would actually pull off the major blindside ahead of the eviction vote, sticking with their established hatred of Gr8ful alliance.

The new alliance managed to pull off the blindside when Cliff was sent to compete for his place at the game at the "Comeback Comp."

The live episode did not leave much time for Bella and Nick to react to the betrayal, though fans were overjoyed to see the couple possible on the chopping block moving forward.

The episode quickly moved into the Comeback Comp, named "Path to Redemption" a game mixing speed and balance skills.

As a shocker to most fans, Cliff reputed the winner of the competition, making his return a little less satisfying for them.


How will the blindside change the relationships at the house? Big Brother will air a new episode Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.