'Big Brother' Fans Trash Isabella Wang, 'Gr8ful' Alliance After Meltdowns: 'Bunch of Mean Kids'

Drama came to the Big Brother house in Wednesday's new episode. The new hour of the beloved CBS competition series saw the Gr8ful alliance find a new target in Nicole Anthony after her plan to get them against each other ended up with her becoming the target of a blindside.

After Sunday's episode ended with Nicole claiming the other members of Gr8ful were planning to target Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang before Nick became HoH, they all convened in the HoH room and agreed together that Nicole would be the target this week if they had the chance to change the nominations.

The meltdown from the show's dominating alliance felt like a breath of fresh air for fans of the CBS series, who had been complaining about how the members of who they called the "H8ful" alliance had been portrayed in the edited footage airing on the show.

Things didn't end up being so black-and-white for houseguest Tommy Bracco, who saw as Bella attacked Nicole for the "lies" she said.

The moment saw Tommy begin to question Bella's motives, as viewers continued to criticize Bella for her behavior.

The next morning, Nicole attempted to apologize to Bella. The conversation quickly became another argument at the house. After Nick and Bella tried to tell Nicole she was lying, she pushed back at Bella saying she has been the one twisting things at the house.

The conversation ended with Nick and Bella leaving the room, and all signs pointing to Nicole having a massive target on her back.


The veto competition was not a good sign for Nicole, as Kathryn Dunn won the power and used it to rescue Jessica Milagros from the block. In turn, Nick put Nicole into the chopping block. Though the signs point to a unanimous vote to evict Nicole, the Camp Comeback twist might bring either her, David Alexander, Ovi Kabir or Kemi Faknule back into the game.

Big Brother will air next Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.