'Big Brother' Veto Competition Almost Certainly Seals Player's Fate

It looks like Scottie Salton is on his last legs in the Big Brother house.

In Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality series, Scottie was baffled by ally and current Head of Household Faysal Shafaat's decision to put both he and Brett Robinson on the eviction block after not being able to determine which player was lying to him about voting to keep Angie "Rockstar" Lantry last week. (Brett was lying, of course).

"Fess is either absolutely fantastic at this game at a level I can't comprehend or he sucks at this," Scottie told the camera. "Like, it literally blows my mind why you would put your own ally on the block."

Meanwhile, the Level 6 alliance was celebrating Fessy playing right into their hands, explaining that if anyone but Scottie or Haleigh Broucher managed to win the veto competition, they would have the numbers to send him home, regardless of who Fessy would put up to replace Brett.

In the meantime, Fessy tried to make a non-alliance kind of alliance with Tyler Crispen, which the Level 6 leader laughed off in the diary room.

"Welcome to Big Brother! ... On day 60 you finally decided you want to play and make some alliances," he joked. "You're a little late to the party!"

After a visit from Zingbot, it was time for the vital Hide and Go Veto competition, which Brett dominated, much to his own benefit.

"Brett wins the veto, and this isn't the best news, because now I gotta find a replacement nominee," Fessy explained. "This is a huge decision, and now I'm gonna have to get even more blood on my hands. This sucks."

In his place, Fessy was encouraged by Sam Bledsoe to put up his showmance partner Haleigh, whom the welder slammed as a user.

"You really gonna give her a free ride so she can throw you away like a used tissue?" she asked him, to his bewilderment. But Fessy was clearly never going to consider that, calling Sam "crazy" in the diary room.

All that is left is a member of the Level 6 alliance, which has the numbers to keep their own players there, making it look pretty certain Scottie will be going home. But it's Big Brother — anything can happen!


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Photo credit: CBS/Sonja Flemming