'Big Brother' Contestant Kevin's Wife Disgusted by Housemate's Sexual Assault Comments

Big Brother contestant Jason Dent recently stepped way out of line with a series of off-color comments he made regarding fellow houseguest Kevin Schlehuber's wife, joking that he would "f*ck" her if Schlehuber betrayed him on the show.

Dent added that he would tie up Schlehuber's daughters and "make them watch."

Fans immediately erupted on social media, slamming Dent for his comments, a sentiment Schlehuber's wife, Deborah, echoed while speaking to TMZ.

Deborah said the comments were the "worst thing she's ever seen," noting that while she understands that her husband signed up for the show and all that entails, she and her family should not be subjected to the same.

The mom of seven said her family is nice and hardworking, and that she's appalled Kevin's season of the show has turned to ugly due to Dent's behavior.


Deborah also discussed Dent's family's reported Twitter apology and claim that the jokes were taken out of context, shooting the alleged tweets down and noting that her husband would never think to say something like that.

Photo Credit: CBS