'Big Brother' Couple Steps out in Central Park After Revealing Secret Romance

Following Big Brother 23, Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao revealed that they were dating, surprising fans everywhere. Since opening up about their relationship status, the reality stars have been sharing numerous photos and videos that showcase just how strong their bond is. Most recently, the pair ventured through Central Park in New York City and recounted their journey to their many fans. 

On Instagram, Rehfuss posted a couple of photos of herself and Xiao posing in Central Park. The two posed for a relaxed shot in which they could be seen sharing a sweet embrace amid a gorgeous New York City backdrop. Rehfuss explained that she shot some of her promotional material for Big Brother 23 in Central Park. So, she took Xiao on a tour of where her Big Brother journey began. Their fellow Big Brother 23 houseguests loved the post, with Tiffany Mitchell, Hannah Chaddha, and Alyssa Lopez all sharing some kind words. 

"Aaaand we're back baby!" she captioned the photos. "Fun fact: The last time I was in Central Park was filming my intro package that was played during the BB23 premiere! I took Derek on a tour of all the spots we filmed at." Both Rehfuss and Xiao reside in New York City. They sparked their relationship after they were both evicted from the Big Brother house. 

During an interview with Us Weekly, the couple opened up about their connection. They explained that while they were close in the house, they really recognized their "chemistry" once they made it to the jury house. Rehfuss said, "I think that we both really felt the chemistry once we got to jury house and could really connect with each other. We would stay up late talking every single night and we just really developed a bond."


Since they were able to take a step back from the game following their respective evictions, Rehfuss and Xiao were simply able to connect on a personal level while in jury. Xiao said that the two would stay up late talking for hours and that they soon realized that there was a deeper connection there. He explained, "That's when I started really thinking like, 'Wait a second, why didn't this happen in the house? There's such a strong connection and chemistry between us.' I think that was the beginning of us thinking about what this could be."