'Big Brother' Alum Rushed to Hospital in 'Extreme Pain'

Elena Davies, who starred in Big Brother Season 19, was recently rushed to the hospital for [...]

Elena Davies, who starred in Big Brother Season 19, was recently rushed to the hospital for "extreme pain." Davies, who also starred on MTV's Ex on the Beach, shared photos on her Instagram Story this past week to chronicle a trip to the emergency room and her time in the hospital. At one point, Davies said she could not "sit, stand or walk" for more than five minutes and needed an MRI.

"I woke up yesterday in severe, severeeee EXTREME pain," Davies, 30, wrote in one post, reports The Blast. "Never damage pain in my L shoulder radiating down to my fingers." Later, she told fans she could not sit, stand or walk for more than five minutes at a time. She was taken "straight" to an emergency room and told to get an MRI and schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon. She later said the MRI could not be completed because she "wasn't able to withstand the pain." She was then taken back to the hospital for pain management treatment.

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"I am in pretty unbearable pain and BEGGING for thoughts and prayers," the Texas native wrote in one post. She also published a video of herself petting a support dog who came up alongside her hospital bed. "We don't deserve dogs," she wrote. It is not clear when Davies got out of the hospital, but she did publish a birthday message to her friend, McKena Honnoll, late on Wednesday. She joked that it was "still your birthday in SOME time zone right," adding, "I trust that you're celebrating properly but I am excited to get myyyy turn to celebrate you, next."

This is the latest medical issue for Davies. Back on March 12, Davies shared a selfie with herself wearing a neck brace, which she needed after straining a shoulder muscle and a pinched nerve. In the caption though, Davies revealed that she recently suffered complications from her 2016 breast reduction surgery. She needed surgery again, and doctors discovered that the issues with her right breast were worse than they thought and there was an issue with her left breast. After the latest procedure, she was told she was fine.

Davies wrote that her mother "has been here taking very good care of me the whole time (tbh, she could pet my head more but.... whatever). Although I am excited for the day I can pull up my own panties again without assistance... I love having my mommy here with me!" In the end, she thanked her fans for their support. "Thank y'all SO much for checking in on me and loving me! Please send them gooooood tiddie vibes," she wrote.

Since finishing her time on Big Brother and Ex on the Beach, Davies has been a successful influencer and hosts the podcast The MiscELENAeous Podcast with Elena Davies. She also co-founded The Dropp Collective with Honnoll in October 2020. Davies has also opened up her body image issues, recently sharing an emotional post on International Women's Day.

In the post, Davies said she "hated my body" and was the victim of sexual assault. "My body continues to change and grow and shift and do all the cool the things that bodies are meant to do," she wrote. "And I continue to struggle to love her. Dismantling the f— up ideologies I possess in regards to my own body may be a lifelong journey... but, I packed snacks."