Beth Chapman's Daughter Cecily Shares Collection of Throwback Photos With 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Star

Beth Chapman's daughter Cecily posted some touching throwback photos on Instagram this week, remembering the good times with her mother. Like the rest of her family, Cecily is mourning Chapman after she passed away last week, but as she showed in the form of pictures, there were plenty of good time to hold onto as well.

Cecily shared four photos on her Instagram Stories, each one representing a fond memory of her beloved mother. The first was an old photo of herself, her mother and Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman all arm-in-arm in a basement.

Cecily did not comment on the image, only pasted an image of hands praying with a rose clasped between them in the corner.

(Photo: Instagram @cecilybeezee)

The second picture showed her mother and Duane smiling at what appeared to be a book signing event. In it, Duane held a copy of his book Where Mercy is Shown, Mercy is Given, while Chapman smiled and waved to the camera.

The third picture showed a memorial card for Beth, with a photo of herself smiling framed in pink. Around that were heart-shaped bubbles and a majestic butterfly, all set against a beach scene background.

"We will miss you Beth," it read.

(Photo: Instagram @cecilybeezee)

Finally, the last image on Cecily's story came from October of last year, when she snapped a picture of her mom and Duane's feet. Her own ripped jeans showed in the foreground, and she wrote the words: "It's a lifestyle" over the picture.

Cecily tagged the picture with the date it came from in her archive, and added an image of a crying piglet in the corner.

October of 2018 was shortly before Chapman learned that her cancer had returned, and this picture may be one of Cecily's last memories from that time.

(Photo: Instagram @cecilybeezee)

Cecily is Chapman's daughter from her first marriage to Keith Barmore. It was a short-lived affair, starting and ending in 1991, but it gave Chapman Cecily, and years later Duane adopted her to make her part of his family.

Chapman has one older half-brother, from a high school relationship Chapman had in high school. She has two younger siblings, Garry and Bonnie, from Duane and Beth, and of course she has nine other step-siblings through Duane, who has a total of 12 children himself.


Chapman was laid to rest in a ceremony in Hawaii over the weekend, complete with traditional chants, a paddle-out on a canoe and a eulogy from her husband.

(Photo: Instagram @cecilybeezee)

She will be honored in a second memorial on July 13 in Colorado.