'Basketball Wives': Major Update on Mehgan James' Lyft Driver Lawsuit

Basketball Wives alum Mehgan James has decided not to move forward with her lawsuit against Lyft after she accused a driver of assault. RadarOnline obtained documents from James notifying the court that she is dropping her case with prejudice. As a result, she will not be able to pursue the case in the future. It was first reported last year of the alleged assault. She also claimed the driver abandoned her on the side of the road. The incident in question happened in August 2020. 

James said she was picked up by a male driver who asked her to use hand sanitizer, presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic at its height at the time. She said she agreed to his request, and asked to roll her window up as the windows in the car were all rolled down. According to James, the driver refused and "began driving significantly faster than the speed limit in the carpool lane on highway 1-405, causing [James] to become uncomfortable."

James claims the driver drove in an out of lanes for several minutes before things to a darker turned. Per the suit, she said that he "pulled over to the side of the highway and, while using profanity, demanded that [James] get out of the vehicle." Due to them being in the middle of the highway, she says she refused the do so.

Instead of continuing with the ride, she says the driver began "using force, grabbed her by the head of her hoodie sweatshirt and violently pulled her out of the vehicle, causing her to fall on the ground." She was then left on the side of the road and had to find a way to her destination after walking 10 minutes to a safe spot on the highway.

James claims Lyft did not provide her driver's information, and claimed the assault "robbed" her of her "dignity and personal safety" and caused her to suffer psychological and physical injuries.

She was first introduced to fans as a cast member on Bad Girls Club. She spent one season on Basketball Wives LA.