'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Get Engaged Again

The Bachelorette's JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are engaged all over again! Three years after Rodgers popped the question in the finale of the ABC dating show, he got down on one knee once again for his fiancée, rededicating himself to their relationship without the cameras in his face. The Bachelor Nation couple revealed the sweet news — and showed off a serious ring upgrade — in heartfelt Instagram posts Sunday.

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“I love [JoJo Fletcher] with all my heart!! I always wanted to re-propose, with no cameras, no producers, no drama…just us,” he wrote alongside a photo of the two showing off Fletcher's new massive oval-cut diamond engagement ring. “Our first engagement was so real, and meant so much to us both, but as we start to actually plan our wedding for next year I wanted to do it all over again, OUR WAY! So I bought a new ring, made a plan (that almost fell apart multiple times), and got down on one knee all over again.”

“This time it was simple: Joelle is the love of my life, she is my rock, she is the funniest, strongest, and sweetest person I have ever known,” he continued. “The first time around I fell in love with a lot of what you all love about JoJo. But this time around I got on one knee and vowed to honor and protect her heart, which is the greatest part of her. She loves her family, her friends, me, and complete strangers with the most pure love a human can give. And THAT is what I love most about her most. How she treats people, how she loves people, and how she makes me a better man. And that is what I will always love, cherish, and protect the most!”

He concluded: “So this time the promise and commitment were the same as the first, but this time my love for her has grown a million times over. And 50 years from now I’ll look back and it’ll have grown a million times over again. And so the greatest adventure in life begins (again)…with the my best friend. Let’s get F’ing married already (And let me tell you SHE HAD NO IDEA, videos and more pictures to come!)”

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In a post of her own, Fletcher revealed she thought she and her husband-to-be were simply checking out potential wedding venues this weekend, joking, “BOY WAS I WRONG.”

“3 years ago we got engaged in a way that some, if not all, would say is crazy and totally unconventional. & They were right. It was. But it was also very real,” she continued of her 2016 engagement on The Bachelorette. “We took a leap of faith that day and hoped/prayed things would work out how we wanted them to. Times were not always easy… they actually got very very hard early on, but we stuck by each other and worked every day towards our relationship.”

“I didn’t see it coming nor ever expected it, but I can’t tell you how much it meant to me [Jordan Rodgers]… I think you know by now from me balling hysterically and totally blacking out,” she concluded. “The show brought us together and set us up for a truly amazing proposal, but this one was all YOU. And that means everything and more to me. I can’t wait to marry you!!!”


The two plan to marry next year in California. Congratulations (again) to the happy couple!

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