'Bachelorette' Frontrunner Peter Weber Accused of 'Betraying' Girlfriend to Appear on Hannah Brown's Season

The Bachelorette frontrunner Peter Weber may have captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation with his sweet nature and seemingly sincere feelings for Hannah Brown, but according to his ex-girlfriend, "Pilot Pete" did not go on the show for the right reasons. Ahead of the Fantasy Suite dates in Monday's episode of the ABC dating show, Calee Lutes told Entertainment Tonight that she and Weber had been dating seriously until he broke up with her out of the blue to appear on The Bachelorette.

Having met on a dating app in June 2018, the commercial pilot and model made things work long distance after Weber finished his month-long training in her Atlanta hometown, Lutes told the outlet, and quickly got serious with one another.

"We were very serious. He told me he loved me for the first time in October, and we talked almost every time we saw each other about how we were going to make it last long term," she alleged. "He wanted me to move out to L.A. to be with him, and he wanted us to get an apartment together. I was open to moving out there for a year or so, to give our relationship a fair chance, but he told me he didn't want me out there temporarily... he wanted me out there 'forever.'"

"We also talked about kids, down to the logistics of how we would fly them back and forth between L.A. and Atlanta to visit my family if we did settle down in California," she continued. "We talked about all of this right up until he broke up with me.

In December, just days after the two had begun planning a New Year's trip to Costa Rica, Lutes explained Weber broke up with her out of the blue, telling her, "We should end our relationship before it got even more serious."

It was then that Lutes started to get suspicious.

"I didn't understand why it was so urgent to end things so suddenly," she recalled. "I thought there was another girl, so I looked at his recent followers on Instagram, and noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed him. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I knew there was something he wasn't telling me. He immediately deleted EVERY trace of me on Instagram. He deleted our pictures, which is expected, but he also untagged me from photos, deleted my comments from his page and went as far as unliking my photos/deleting his comments from my Instagram as well."

She later found out her suspicions were correct when the cast list for Brown's season was released online.

"He absolutely betrayed me," she insisted. "He interviewed for a reality dating show while simultaneously planning a future with me. I trusted him entirely and he pulled the rug out from under me. Also, if all of this wasn't bad enough, I've had multiple people reach out to me and tell me that he was seeing other women while we were exclusive."

Watching Weber become so beloved on The Bachelorette has been a bit surreal, she added.

"He acted very similar with Hannah as he did with me, and he has said a lot of the same things," Lutes explained. "He made me think that what we had was super rare and something he hadn't felt before as well. Watching this has been dumbfounding. He's definitely a charmer and a smooth talker."

"I can see why he's a fan favorite. If I didn't know him, I would think he's a very sweet, genuine person," she added. "That's what I saw in him too. But, knowing his true colors now, I believe it's all an act. He tells women what they want to hear regardless if it's true or not."

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo credit: ABC/John Fleenor