'Bachelor' Alum Michelle Money Reveals Update on Daughter's Health Following Coma

Months after Bachelor star Michelle Money's daughter was involved in a severe skateboard accident, the reality star gave an update on her child's well-being. Monday night's episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! centered on Brad Womack's two seasons of The Bachelor, the second of which Money appeared on in 2011. During the episode, Money spoke with Chris Harrison, and the conversation naturally turned towards her daughter, Brielle, who was in a coma earlier this year following the aforementioned skateboarding accident. Brielle, who is 15 years old, even appeared on the program to give a firsthand account of how she's doing after the ordeal.

Brielle told Harrison that she is "feeling a lot better" following the accident, which took place in March. She added, "I still kind of have a few side effects, but I'm recovering fast, doing well. I got released from all my therapies, it's been good." Money explained to the host that they received so many prayers and kind words as Brielle recovered, which she is so grateful for. The reality star said, "We're so grateful. We did receive so many uplifting messages and prayers, and it really got us through."

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In late March, Money explained to her followers on Instagram that her daughter was in the ICU on life support following a "terrible skateboarding accident." She said that Brielle suffered severe brain trauma and a fractured skull and that she was later placed into a medically induced coma to help her recover. The former Bachelor star frequently shared updates about her daughter's well-being on social media, asking fans to keep them in their thoughts and prayers as Brielle recovered.


Towards the end of April, Brielle had made a miraculous recovery and was able to leave the hospital. Money's daughter had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat, drink, get dressed, and a variety of other tasks during her recovery period. On Instagram, Money opened up about how strong her daughter was throughout the stressful and scary ordeal. She also shared how thankful she is to everyone who sent them supportive messages throughout this difficult situation. "I am incredibly grateful for her speedy recovery yet I know we have a long road still ahead of us," Money wrote on April 24. "This girl is a fighter. She is a warrior. She is going to do amazing things with her life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, support and prayers! You will never understand what it has meant to us. Never."